I sing the body eclectic

Is there a woman out there who is actually 100 percent fine with her body? Or are we all, particularly in the West, hard-wired — thanks to media messages and peer pressure — to find constant fault with ourselves? I ask, because I don’t go a day without disparaging how I look. It’s an exhalation… Read More I sing the body eclectic

Outsourced is outrageously unpalatable

Earlier this year, when the initial promos for NBC’s half-hour comedy, Outsourced, began circulating, I cringed. Rife with racial stereotypes, relying on juvenile humor, I just knew “here there be unfunny.” Having watched the full premiere last night, that opinion has only strengthened. This show left a seriously bad taste in my mouth. Affable white… Read More Outsourced is outrageously unpalatable