All Book Up: July Reads

July was a tough month in terms of really socking away a bunch of books, but there were a lot of bright spots nonetheless. Here’s what I would recommend from my stack of completed reads:

Omens, by Kelley Armstrong (out 8/20, paranormal/urban fantasy)
Soul Stripper, by Katana Collins (paranormal erotic romance)
Corroded, by Karina Cooper (out 9/23, steampunk, e-book)
The Chocolate Touch, by Laura Florand (contemporary romance)
Glitterland, by Alexis Hall (out 8/26, contemporary LGBT romance)
My Lady Quicksilver, by Bec McMaster (out 10/1, paranormal/steampunk romance)
Blood Warrior, by Lindsey Piper (paranormal romance)
Bare Knuckle, by Katie Porter (out 10/8, erotic romance, e-book)

In terms of catching up on older releases, I finally tackled the much-lauded Control, by Charlotte Stein — a wickedly funny and filthy, first-person POV, erotic romance. Definitely lived up to all the recs! And it took me forever to read, because I kept reading on the subway and having to stop due to all the blushing. Yes, I can still blush. Who knew?

June’s Hot Reads
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