The Unofficial IPKKND Drinking Game

Three sips!

As an obsessed fan of Star Plus’ Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon, who devours every detail and picks up on every quirk, I couldn’t help but invent an unofficial IPKKND drinking game. How could I resist, when “Peeke”(I’ve been drinking”) is in the abbreviation?

For your own good, don’t play this with actual booze. I don’t want to be responsible for you blacking out and being rushed to the hospital. So, pour yourself some soda or mango lassi and go to town!

One sip every time…
•Khushi and Arnav stare at each other in a room full of people.
Bua-ji says “Nanda Kisore.”
Mami-ji says, “Hello, hi, bye-bye.”
•Lavanya calls Arnav “ASR.”
•Arnav says, “What the—?!

Two sips every time…
•the wind machine is used.
•Arnav wears his maroon leather suit.
•Khushi has a heart-to-heart with “Devi Maya” (the goddess).
•Shyam calls Anjali “Rani Sahiba.”
•we see Hariprakash (the butler/manservant).
•Arnav grabs Khushi’s wrist and drags her off somewhere.

Three sips every time…
•Akash’s father shows up.
Mami-ji calls Payal “Khoon Bhari Tang.”
•Khushi refers to Arnav as “Lord Governor.” (Four sips if it’s to his face!)
•Arnav calls Khushi “Khushi Kumari Gupta.”
•Laxmi the goat makes an appearance.
•Arnav tells Khushi he never wants to see her/talk to her again.
•Khushi falls into Arnav’s arms.

Four sips every time…
•Khushi wears her hair down.
•Khushi stresses out and makes jalebi.
•either Khushi or Arnav are injured and one takes care of the other.
•Arnav actually apologizes for something.

Chug your drink in celebration if…
•Shyam gets hit by a lorry.
•Arnav and Khushi manage to tell each other how they feel.

Feel free to add your own rules in the comments!

7 thoughts on “The Unofficial IPKKND Drinking Game

    1. Ha. Yes, I would gladly knock back the whole bottle for that! The show teased us with it last week and I was like, “Oh, come on! So close yet so far!”


  1. I am planning to watch some old episodes this weekend ( to get over the recent rona dhona) will definitely try it :p …Great idea though.


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