A random links post!

So, yes, I haven’t really been in a blogging frame of mind, but I have been in a reading, laughing, and self-educating state of mind. Here’s a round-up of some things that I’ve stumbled upon lately:

How To Tell If Your Pain Is Manpain (Self-explanatory hilarity!)

One man acapella group Sam Tsui sings the Don’t Stop Believin’ arrangement from Glee and also does a really cool medley of Michael Jackson songs.

Meep and Meep. (And also? Meep!)

Lady Gaga’s official YouTube Channel. (Yes, I’ve just started delving into the Gaga phenomenon, and oh my god she’s fascinating! I need someone to explain her videos to me!)

The Strange Case of Glenn Beck by The Brown Tweed Society (a really interesting look at trademark disputes).

Patrick Duffy and The Crab discuss their first times (This entire series of videos is comedy gold.)

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