Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

I’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating: Boy, did YOUNG AND RESTLESS take a wrong turn with Adam. When he sobbed on the stairs yesterday, I objectively bought Michael Muhney‘s performance, but subjectively Adam’s manpain did nothing for me. I have no sympathy for Hope’s little boy turning out to be a asshat who jabbed Botox needles in his eyes, caused Ashley’s miscarriage, hired a molester to be Ashley’s OB/GYN for the duration of her hysterical pregnancy and then stole Sharon’s baby. I mean, I thought having downlow “I’m not gay, I’m just desperate” sex with Babyface Torres to cover up his crimes was mind-boggling, but whodathunkit, Adam actually exceeded the batspit crazy of that move. 

And it really annoys me that one of Victor Newman’s kids has been written into such a corner. Because crying his eyes out over his sins isn’t going to make me want to root for him…well, except maybe in the sense that I don’t really like Nick or Victoria either, and anyone who takes them down a few pegs wins points in my book. Adam should be more than this. He should be above this. Observing now that Hope’s baby boy has gone off the rails does no good. This self-awareness needed to be there when Chris Engen’s Adam was running around in a purple dress and a black wig. 

I really wish we could rewind and start the tale of Adam’s revenge over. Of course, the irony therein being we probably wouldn’t have Michael Muhney in the role if things had gone differently. And I’ve probably said this before, too, but I really like the guy. He feels like a chip off Victor’s block. I ppreciated him when he played Sheriff Lamb on VERONICA MARS, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Adam gives him more layers to play and more room to flex his acting muscles. It’s just sad that he’s now flexing them from inside a very small box. 

Adam’s a plain-dealing villain. Do not pass go. Do not pick up a redemption card. And he could’ve been so much more than a, pardon the expression, mustache-twirler. 

In tangential news, Muhney broke his collarbone in Vail last weekend. OW. Get well soon!


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