Loving Cris with OLTL’s Kish.

I’ve been showering the Kyle/Fish storyline on One Life to Live with a lot of praise these past weeks, but in all of that joyous bouncing, I think I’ve overlooked the story’s unsung hero: Cristian. David Fumero has played this role on OLTL off and on since 1998 but not much attention  is paid to his perpetually unlucky in love character (except to note how good-looking he is, which is an absolutely valid topic). I feel like this storyline is finally highlighting more than his brooding good looks and that angsty intensity that both Cris and his brother Antonio were famous for. I mean, I never knew Cris could be this funny. And Fumero’s facial expressions and line readings throughout this arc have been priceless.

Here are yesterday’s scenes; just skip to the 3:35 or so mark if you want to catch the hilarious Twix commercial “need a minute?” moment when Layla concludes that Oliver is gay

I also loved last week, when Cris and Layla walked in on Stacy mauling Oliver. While Layla quickly accepted Fish’s lies, Cris was in the background having the best reaction. (around the 6:50 mark)

Cristian also has the distinction of quite possibly flashing back on the infamous Kish kiss more times than Kyle and Oliver themselves —not to mention constantly walking in on awkward situations. They call him “Captain Cockblocker” in the Television Without Pity OLTL discussion thread, and I snicker every time I read it. Can’t you just picture him with the cape and tights? And I think it’s great. Cris is the perfect straight man (no pun intended) for this storyline, to play those kinds of scenes. He’s a genuinely good guy looking out for his friends; he’s liberal and pretty easygoing. And Fumero is obviously having a good time with the character’s direction. He, Tika Sumpter and, of course, Scott Evans and Brett Claywell are pretty much the embodiment of a great foursome: unique, distinct characters and actors who really work well together.

So, I salute you, Captain C!

4 thoughts on “Loving Cris with OLTL’s Kish.

  1. Hahhah. I do love the nickname. It does work and I love how the writers have Cris involved in the storyline. He’ll definitely be the bridge between Oliver and Layla and even between Oliver and Kyle.

    It’s nice to see that a straight male character (especially one who’s a minority) being so loyal and supportive to another male character, who’s going through a difficult time about being true and honest with himself about his sexual identity.

    You don’t see that in many network primetime shows at all, so it’s especially nice in seeing it explored on daytime (and done so well).


    1. It’s great, and so encouraging. I’m really glad they chose to go this route, and have him be the grounding influence, the support system, for everyone going through such upheaval.


  2. I’m so glad you pointed this out. Every day I’m more and more convinced that David is a male version of Lucille Ball. Don’t know if he wants to be, but I’m certain there is a great undiscovered comedic talent there. Not that his dramatic talents are minimal, they aren’t. I just happen to like the funny bits.


    1. I’m just glad that they’ve finally found something for Cris and David that works! That’s the kind of longterm payoff that soap fans tune in for…seeing a character click and find his or her strength.


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